Portable Training Mat (Item #AC9010)

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Fit yourself for a SeeMore putter
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Designed by our SPi Team, the Portable Training Mat is flexible, yet durable which allows for the mat to be rolled and stored in the golf bag. Container to store mat included.

Dimensions 6 3/4" x 29 3/4"

The Portable Training Mat is a visual guide to aid in swinging the putter on a natural arc, ensuring the putter face is, "on plane", and "square" to the path of the stroke. This provides immediate feedback on your putting stroke, face rotation relative to its path, and ultimately your face angle at impact. This concept is preferred and practiced by many of the best putters on Tour!

In addition, the SPi Portable Training Mat features colored vertical face lines (yellow and red) to practice the length of the back and forward stroke while maintaining consistent rhythm.

The SPi Portable Training Mat also features tee holes near the end of the mat's target line. This creates a gate for the ball to exit through in order to successfully start the ball on your intended target line. Great feedback for identifying a square putter face and testing your ability to hit your target line.