Fit Yourself For A Custom Seemore Putter

Use this page to determine the length and lie for your new custom SeeMore putter.

1. How tall are you?

2. Measure Wrist To Floor Length

Now, standing tall, measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. We'll use this measurement to help determine the length of your putter.


3. Select Posture

Your posture also determines what length putter you should order. Hold a putter or yardstick in front of a mirror in your standard putting posture. See the two images below. Which is more like your posture? Is the top of your back rounded, or more straight?

Rounded stance Upright stance

4. Select Hand Position

The position of your hands determines the lie angle of your putter. Again holding your putter or a yardstick in front of a mirror in your normal putting stance, see where your hands fall. Are your hands high, with the heel of your putter pointed slightly upward? Are your hands low, with the toe of the putter pointing up slightly?

Low hands Neutral hands High hands

If you need further assistance contact a SeeMore Certified Instructor at

Your optimum SeeMore putter configuration



These numbers give a solid guide reference to fitting putters to an extended spine posture