SeeMore Putter Institute

What is SPi (SeeMore Putter Institute):

SeeMore has certified teaching professionals in the area of putting. They are certified to teach the SeeMore system and teachings of Pat O’Brien – instructor to Zach Johnson, Vaughn Taylor and other PGA Tour players. Being SPi Certified is designed to let SeeMore instructors be the best in golf.

Few golfers have been exposed to a long term putting instruction program, yet roughly 40% of all strokes are taken on the green. Golfers need a system for improvement: SeeMore has that system. Without great putting, there will never be true greatness in golf.

Two  ways  for  you  to  improve  your  putting:

1. SPi Certified Instructor

A golfer will be able to schedule a full certified “tour level” putting lesson with any of the SPi Certified Instructors for a lesson fee and be professionally fit for a SeeMore putter if they so wish. These teaching professionals will give you the full details of why a SeeMore system is beneficial in giving you a consistent putting stroke.

2. SPi Certified Fitter

Many more locations will have an SPi Certified Fitter. The Certified Fitter will recommend putter specifications and can equip you with the knowledge to maximize your game improvement through SeeMore’s RifleScope Technology.  This reference point helps the golfer build the perfect posture, stance, alignment, and grip.

We are continually updating our Certified Instructor and Certified Fitter locations. If you do not find one in your area, please contact us at We will be more than happy to help.

Instructors – Become the Putting Expert in Your Region - The Partnership with SeeMore in becoming certified will make you the putter expert in your region. We will arm you with information that will make you an extremely valuable putting instructor. You will discover new revenue opportunities and develop your students into great putters. If interested in joining Team SeeMore like so many others have done, contact us at to gather more information.