Black MiniGiant HTX / Standard RST (P1541S)

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The Mini Giant HTX provides the ultimate combination of feel and forgiveness in a popular shape that many golfers love. The Mini Giant HTX sits behind the ball with its back rails providing an extra visual benefit, in a way that incorporates all of the benefits of the Mini Giant family technology and in a shape that provides golfers a high level of confidence. The Mini Giant HTX is expected to quickly become one of SeeMore’s best selling putters. The Mini Giant HTX is a very stable and forgiving mallet.

The Mini Giant HTX has incredible feel and balance. The putter feels like it is literally swinging itself on the perfect path and square to the target line at all times. The Mini Giant HTX putter offers major game improvement benefits to golfers of all levels, with enhanced forgiveness, roll, feel, consistency, and stability due to its design and combination of materials.

The Mini Giant HTX is created using 6 non-adjustable copper weights in the extreme toe and heel section as well as the perimeter of the sole. The HTX has also added 2 additional back runner copper weights, for added stability and forgiveness. The Mini Giant HTX also includes a larger tip diameter steel shaft at .460 which provides added stability and enhanced visual effect. The head is 100% milled in the USA of high grade Aluminum. The base head weight is 360 grams, plus a 10 gram internal hosel, although more custom weight options are available. The Mini Giant HTX features a beautiful black anodized finish.

The Mini Giant HTX putter is face balanced at impact or “balanced to plane”, meaning it's dynamically balanced throughout the stroke and naturally returns to square at impact, with less manipulation required during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path. Design and functionality are completely unique to SeeMore, with the design making it very easy to properly release the putter head. This putter is dynamically balanced to the angle you putt on and when gripped with light grip pressure has a tendency to naturally return to square at impact - meaning less manipulation during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path.

  • - Straight center shaft.
  • - 20 degrees toe hang.
  • - Face Balanced at Impact (Balanced to the Plane).
  • - High Grade Aluminum with Copper weights 100% Milled in the USA.
Face Balanced At Impact
This putter incorporates the dynamic benefit of “Face Balanced at IMPACT” also called “square to plane” or “balanced to plane”. Putters in this category consist of blades and small mallets hosting a straight center shaft or near center shaft design. They help the golfer develop an improved putting stroke and have the ability to continually improve with guidance from a SPi instructor or SeeMore tech manual or video. SeeMore’s optimal designs are Face Balance at IMPACT putters.

SKU P1541S
Standard Shaft Black Tip Shaft
Custom Length 30" - 39" - Standard or Counter Balanced Option
Custom Lie 68° - 72°
Head Weight (grams) 370 grams (Includes 10 gram Internal Hosel)
Head Material 100% Milled Aluminum w/milled Cu weights (non-adjustable)
Loft (degrees) 2.5
Length of Face 4.2 inches
Face Depth 0.95 inches
Depth of Flange 3.05 inches
Face Balanced At Impact Yes
Toe Hang 20 Degrees

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